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Orange County Bridges
2004 - 2006

This project involved installing railroad bridges in three different cities. The first bridge, a new precast concrete bridge, was over the Santiago Creek in Santa Ana, California. The bridge spans were set on top of cast-in-place concrete piers and the foundations were constructed on top of driven H-pile.

The remaining two bridges in south Orange County were postponed for almost two years while Metrolink worked out permitting and regulator issues. Rather than cancel the contract and re-bid it when the permits were obtained, Metrolink’s decision was to delay the project and continue working with John S. Meek Company. The decision was based on their familiarity with our reputation, our extensive bridge installation experience and our positive past performance history with Metrolink.

It took over a 18 months to get the permits squared away. The next bridge was the Aliso Creek Bridge which ran through the middle of a public golf course. The project was to replace an existing timber bridge with a new precast concrete bridge and included driving pile through the existing bridge. John S. Meek Company had only a 48-hour window to remove the old bridge and install the new one. Of course, as an experienced railroad bridge contractor, we completed the work with time to spare.

The final bridge was the most difficult of the three. The Trabuco Creek Bridge is a two span steel girder bridge. Lifting of these heavy bridge spans required a 300-ton crawler crane. Much of the bridge erection work was performed at night, due to railroad schedules. Once the girders were in place, new precast concrete decks were installed before the bridge was turned back over to Metrolink for ballast and track installation. The entire bridge replacement was completed between 10:00 p.m. Friday and 4:00 a.m. Monday.

Overall, Metrolink was extremely satisfied with the quality of our work. Metrolink continues to use John S. Meek Company as a preferred bridge installer.


Santiago Creek Bridge

Pile Driving

Pouring New CIP Retaining Walls

Pouring Pier Foundations

Pouring Pier Caps

The Bridge Spans are Set

Aliso Creek Bridge

Difficult Access at Aliso Creek

Pile Driving

Setting Caps

Setting Bridge Spans

Trabuco Creek Bridge

Abutment Strengthening

Unloading New Bridge Spans via Rail

Remove Existing Bridge Spans

Two Cranes Were Used for this Bridge Replacement

New Bridge Spans In Place

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