Oceanside Harbor Boat Launch Ramp - 2003 to 2004

The City of Oceanside and the California Department of Boating and Waterways decided that it was time to retire the old Oceanside Boat Launch Facility and build a brand new one. John S. Meek Company was contracted to perform the demolition of the old facility and installation of the new one. The project included demolishing the old ramp, driveway and sewer dump station then building a new ramp, driveway, dump station and sidewalk. The project also included repair to the parking lot, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and new electronic signs. John S. Meek's Superintendent, Mel Thibodeaux, worked with the inspectors, engineers and City representatives to make sure that the boat launch facility was build up to highest standards.

As the project progressed the City decided to change the etched concrete sidewalk to color concrete. John S. Meek Company worked with the city to determine the colors they wanted and installed the very special mixes. In the end the new color sidewalk looked great.


Boat Launch before beginning of work

Rock Stock Pile

Digging for the new wall

Forming for the new curb

New Driveway and new sewer dump island

New Wall and Demoed Ramp Section

New Ramp Section

Pouring Color Concrete

Finishing new light blue color concrete

New Gangway

New Floats

Completed Boat Launch Ramp

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Mel Thibodeaux and John Meek at the completed Boat Launch Facility

Strange Things at the Ramp

Sometimes strange things would pull up to the boat ramp.

And other time strange things go down the boat ramp.