Newport & Balboa Pier Rehabilitation - 2002

The Newport and Balboa Pier project was issued in September 2001, however the City of Newport Beach required that the piers remain open through New Years Day 2002. This posed a massive scheduling problem. How to completely strip the deck up and replace it with new plywood and concrete in less than 2 months per pier? John S. Meek Company took on the task.

In order to complete the porject on time all piles were driven through the existing deck, while the piers were still open. Meek personnel were very caful to maintain the safety of the public while this operation was going on.

The first pier that was allowed to be closed was Balboa Pier. The concrete and timber deck was taken up from the ocean side of the pier all the way to the beginning of the pier. As the deck was being stripped Meek personnel set new plywood on top of the just exposed stringers. Before all of the old deck was gone, crews were setting up for concrete to be poured at the end of the pier. Because the piers are both over 1,000ft long pouring concrete is extremely difficult. The concrete must be pumped from the shore all the way out to the end of the pier. The piers also had to be poured in altenating sections. John S. Meek Company poured concrete every other day.

Half way through completion of Balboa Pier, Newport Pier was closed and work began there. John S. Meek Company now had crews working at both locations. The proceedure at Newport Pier was similar to that at Balboa Pier. First the old deck was stripped away and new plywood was set. Then new concrete was poured on top of the plywood in sections. In addition to the concrete work several timber structures had to be removed and new structures build. Furthermore, on Newport Pier all of the handrail was replaced.


Balboa Pier - January 10th to March 7th

Deck before begining of work

Demo of concrete deck and timber decking down to the stringer

Install new plywood decking

Install dowels through plywood and into stringers

Set forms for pouring concrete deck

Pour concrete deck around building at the end of the Pier

Completed Pour at end of Pier

New concrete deck on Balboa Pier

Completed Balboa Pier Rehabilitation

Balboa Pier re-opened

Newport Pier - February 1st to March 30th

Newport Pier before beginning of work

Demo of concrete and timber deck

Demoing the concrete on the deck

Demoing timber portion of the deck

Installing dowels

Preparing for pouring new concrete deck

Pour concrete at front of pier

Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete in center of pier

Finishing concrete

Before concrete is finished

After concrete is finished