State of California
Department of Transportaion (CALTRANS)
Schuyler Heim Elevator Bridge Long Beach
2002 - 2003

In November of 2002 John S. Meek Company, received a call from the State of California asking if we could do emergency repairs to the Fender System of the Schuyler Heim Elevator Bridge in Long Beach. Apparently the fenders had been knocked down by a tug boat. We immediately took up the task. Within a matter of hours of getting approval to go John S. Meek Company was on site and begining work. The repair work consisted of removal of the broken fender system, installation of new steal pipe piles over 100 foot long, rebuilding of the fender, installation of catwalks and electrical work (performed by A. J. Kirkwood & Associates). Much of the work was done at night and on weekends, in order to cause as little impact as possible to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The project was done under an emergency contract on a Force Account basis. The total value of the repair was over $2.2 Million.


Broken Fender

Getting Ready in the Rain

Driving 100' Steel Pipe Piles

Working with the Bridge Up

Installing Fender Timbers

Completed Job View From Backside

Completed Job View From Frontside