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Southern California Edison Transmission Tower, Trabuco Creek 2005

Southern California experienced several significant rain events in early 2005. After almost 2 months of record rain, the Trabuco Creek had eroded its banks so much that an Edison transmission tower was endanger of collapsing. Having worked with John S. Meek Company before, Southern California Edison (SCE) employees called us in to help with this dire emergency. There were two towers in the Trabuco creek. The smaller tower had all the soil around it completely washed away. Over 35' of the tower's foundation was exposed by the rain waters flooding the creek. The large tower, which feeds Riverside County, was only a few feet away from a cliff.

John S. Meek Company arrived on site and immediately began working with SCE on a solution. With only a partial plan, we started preping the area for a massive soil fill and Hilfiker wall assembly. Our personnel worked day and night, rain or shine to refill the bank and save the transmission towers. Within only 2 months, the towers were back on secure ground.

The scope of work was:

Throughout this extremely difficult project John S. Meek Company personnel worked closely with people from SCE Engineering, Construction and Transmission departments. The project was done under and emergency time and material purchase order and was completed quickly and efficiently. Through the tireless efforts of John S. Meek Company's people, the final cost of the project was almost 20% under the budget.


Flood Soaked Trabuco Creek - January 13

Edison Begins work on Site/Calls John S. Meek Company - January 13

John S. Meek Company First Visits the Site - January 14

That is a 35' Vertical Cliff - January 17
John S. Meek Company issued Purchase Order to Work - January 19

Bridge section 1 of 2 installed to cross the Trabuco Creek - January 22

Night Work / Installing Hilfiker Retaining Wall - January 27

The Hilfiker Wall begins to take shape - February 3

Filling Behind the wall - February 5

End of 2nd week and the wall is almost completed - February 8

More heavy rain for several days caused the creek to rise
and flood the work area again - February 19

All Bottom side work is completed - March 17

Project complete including Tangent Pile wall, Drainage and Erosion Control - April 21
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