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State of California
Department of Transportaion (CALTRANS)
PCH Retaining Wall, Malibu
2002 - 2003

The State of California contracted with John S. Meek Company to build a retaining wall along one of the busiest stretches of road in California, Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. The project was to remove the old timber retaining wall and build a new concrete retaining wall to hold up PCH. The project was further complicated by the fact that the State was paying the residents to move out of their homes during the project. Therefore delays in the project could have cost the State a lot of money.

Unfortunately, a layer of rock was encountered only hours into the drilling. The delays that would occur because of the obstruction were unacceptable to both John S. Meek Company and to the State. In order to address this problems, John S. Meek Company undertook a very aggressive schedule. Crews worked on the project 24 hours a day 7 days a week for almost 2 months to make up for the time lost due to the rock. The final outcome was that the Home Owners could return to their houses as scheduled, the State did not suffer penalties to the residents and John S. Meek Company earned a $200,000 early completion bonus for completing the project 25 days ahead of schedule.


Entire Project Site (Middle of the Project)

Old Timber Wall

Just Getting Started

Day after a Rain Storm

Trenched and Shored

First Day Drilling
And We Found Rocks

Night Drilling

We Needed Two Rigs to Keep on Schedule

The Beaches in Malibu are Beautiful

Setting Beams

Setting Sun

More Night Drilling

Beginning to Form the Wall

Yup... Thats a Hole

The Foremen
John Jeffries & Gary Abele

We had to Re-Shore the Entire Trench

That is a Nice Wall

Not Much Room
(Our People are Confined Space Trained)

Project Manager Larry Noriega
Watching the Concrete Pour

All the Wall Sections are Poured

Job Complete
Just Need to Pick Up the Cones

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