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Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)
San Gabriel River
Coyote Creek &
I605 Crash Wall
2007 - 2008

After a rigorous bid and evaluation process, BNSF selected John S. Meek Company to install two new bridges and a crash wall for their triple track project.

The San Gabriel River Bridge was the first bridge that was constructed under this project. The work included building two concrete abutments and six concrete piers all supported on steel piles. John S. Meek Company then installed seven spans of steel girders with poured-in-place concrete decks and sidewalks. This bridge was installed in a riverbed and included diversion of water and shoring along the existing railroad.

The second bridge was at the Coyote Creek, a concrete lined channel. This bridge included demolition of portions of the existing channel wall and construction of two concrete abutments and one concrete pier. Again, these structures were constructed upon driven steel piles. The new bridge included two spans of steel plate girders and poured-in-place concrete decks and sidewalks. Also included at this bridge was shoring and retaining walls.

The last portion of work was building a concrete wall between the new railroad tracks and Interstate 605. After award of the contract Caltrans demanded that the design be changed and a more substantial wall was put in. John S. Meek Company worked with BNSF to ensure that the new design could be constructed with minimal impact on the schedule and on train traffic.


Pile Driving

Pile Driving

Buidling Piers

New Bridge at Santiago River

New Bridge Deck

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