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Land Construction

John S. Meek Company is a general engineering contractor. The types of projects we perform vary greatly. We build bridges, drive pile, build retaining walls, install shoring and build just about anything else our clients need. John S. Meek Company works as both a General (Prime) Contractor and as a Subcontractor. Our clients include many government agencies such as the Caltrans, the City of Los Angeles, Metrolink, as well as private organizations like BNSF, Valero Oil, British Petroleum, Herzog, Kiewit and many more. Much of our business comes from repeat work with clients such as these.

Pile Driving

John S. Meek Company has driven pile all over Southern California for various public works, industrial and commercial projects. We have the experience, personnel and equipment to supply and install concrete piles, steel H piles, pipe piles, timber piles and CIDH piles. John S. Meek Company works on both land and water projects. We are experienced in bridge foundations, buildings, shoring systems, cofferdams and retaining walls. We are the preferred pile drivers for many of the California rail road authorities due to our strong safety record and attention to detail.


John S. Meek Company has done many shoring project from the very small to the very large. In addition to installation, we also design shoring and can provide engineering for shoring systems. We have installed many different types of shoring including beams and plates, steel sheet pile, pressed in pile and concrete shoring walls. John S. Meek Company also owns rental sheets, beams and plates and can often mobilize within hours in cases of emergency.

John S. Meek has done shoring in many difficult places, including near the Railroad lines and in Oil Refineries. John S. Meek Company can also install shoring in limited access area's such and under bridges and inside parking structures and buildings.

Foundations, Bridges and Concrete

John S. Meek Company has completed many foundations, bridges and other concrete structures all over the Southern California area. John S. Meek Company specializes in pile driving and concrete work including abutments, columns, caissons and grade beams. In addition, John S. Meek Company does many concrete projects including wharfs, bridge decks, concrete pier work, retaining walls and seawalls. We have done both cast-in-place construction and precast. John S. Meek Company also stays informed about recent advances in concrete technology to better serve our customers and provide superior products.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are ussually quite unique projects. John S. Meek Company has successfully completed many retaining wall projects including over a dozen for the City of Los Angeles. We have completed all types of retaining walls including beam and lagging, sheet pile, shotcrete and gabions. Every retaining wall project is different and needs to be approached with knowledge and experience.

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